All companies who are doubting the authenticity of a domain, can validate it after registration.

Checking domain names

Each registered user receives 20 free credits upon registration to check domain names on ID Fraud Check. If you are satisfied with our tool, you can buy additional credits. Credits can be purchased per package of 50 credits, for which you pay €25 (VAT excl.) up front.

Each check will result in a clear answer: the domain name pops up in our database or not. This database is continuously updated and only contains domain names that are actually used in real fraud (attempts).

If the domain name doesn’t appear in our database, a supplementary verification is automatically performed in order to check if the domain triggers any other warning signals. This will alert you when a domain name was registered or changed for less than 3 months before the consultation. If available, some technical details are displayed as well.

Reporting domain names

If you’ve received a suspicious e-mail, we ask you to report it on ID Fraud Check.

Even if the check does not result in any red flags, you could still be convinced that it’s a fake based on the e-mail you received. After you report it, i-Force will analyze the domain.

If the reported domain name indeed turns out to be fraudulent, you as a registered reporter will receive 10 free credits with which you can check additional domain names.


Who can become partner in the common effort to stop business identity fraud:
  • ► Well-known companies whose domain name is or can be fraudulently used
  • ► Transport and logistics firms that are involved as a “man in the middle”.
  • ► All companies who wish to make their employees aware and who want to stop this type of fraud in a structured way

Partners make an important contribution by reporting false domain names on ID Fraud Check. The more partners join, the greater the effectiveness of the preventive warning system. On the other hand, partners are informed immediately if a fraudulous variant of their domain name is reported.

A partnership gives entitlement to the following services:

  • ► 1.000 credits to verify domain names of suppliers on our ID Fraud Check
  • ► Early warning of every reported (attempt of the) use of an alternative domain name of the client
  • ► Access to standard templates to inform their network of possible abuses
  • ► Half a day in house awareness training session for staff
  • ► Regular updates new developments and trends in relation to business identity fraud